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Aneessa is a music artist originally from Saint-Étienne, France. Finding inspiration in the legendary Madonna, Aneessa mastered her singing and dancing skills in her youth. In addition to making her own music, Aneessa is also the founder and CEO of Pump It Up magazine, a platform which she uses to try to uplift new independent artists. Today we take a listen to Aneessa’s track “Just To Be With You”.

“Just To Be WIth You” is a track that is about Aneessa’s relationship with former Motown producer Michael B. Sutton, with whom she has entered a professional and romantic partnership. The track’s silky smooth jazz instrumental piece gives Aneessa a great foundation with which to sing to and Aneessa’s vocals display a true passion for the words she is singing. It is through the splendid interplay between the instrumental and Aneessa’s vocals that we really get to experience a feeling of bliss. Overall, “Just To Be With You” is a wonderful modern smooth Jazz track that beautifully captures a loving vibe.

Aneessa has proven time and time again that she has an undeniable talent through the music she creates. Through “Just To Be With You”, we experience Aneessa’s talent first hand while also getting a glimpse into the passion she brings to the table with her excellent vocals; this truly is a wonderful smooth jazz song with plenty of heart. We have Aneessa’s links below as well as “Just To Be With You” embedded below!

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