You might be learning a bit of French 🇫🇷 😄 and about my background 🎙if you Tune in this Sunday on at 9pm(cst) 7pm(pst) – I had a great time with radio host Big Corn from Chicago! 🇺🇲

Cornell “Big Corn” Bethea got his start in radio 29 years ago in 1992 when he entered a contest at WGCI FM in Chicago, IL. He won the contest and as a prize got a chance to co-host the nightly slow jams show called “Whispers In The Dark” with then host Troi Tyler.
The program director at the time Elroy Smith liked Corn so much that he hired him to be the fill in personality on the show on holidays and whenever Troi took off. When Troi Tyler moved to another station The lead personality became Dr. Al Greer and Corn filled in for Al for years building a great working relationship and friendship as well as learning how to be a radio personality. By both Al and Corn having rich bass voices they called themselves “The Bass Brothers”.
In the early 2000’s WGCI FM changed their format to hip hop which consequently phased out positions for Al and Corn. Years later Dr. Al Greer started WOSDRADIO.COM an internet radio station based in Chicago and last year approached Corn about doing a smooth jazz show on his station.
 Being a lover of smooth Jazz Big Corn happily accepted the position and in February 2020 The Smooth Jazz Cafe was born. Big Corn is very happy to be back on the air with his own show and is quickly gaining a big following. So much so that now The Smooth Jazz Cafe is broadcast simultaneously on 2 internet radio stations. and The Smooth Jazz Cafe airs on Sunday nights at 9pm CST.
The nick name Big Corn= Corn is short for Cornell and Big, well he stands 6’4” and about 370 lbs so you can figure that out.

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