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Want to visit the capital of love, Paris? ? How much do you know about French greetings ? let’s find out together in a fun & easy way way! ?

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Hello! As some of you know, I am French and being in the US for a while now, I have noticed that not many people speaks French so Voila!   ,

I created a bilingual book with Michael B. Sutton (the first of a series) to teach French, and for my family in France so they can learn English too  !

It is for Kids and/or adult ? (Why not-it is never too late to learn another language!   It could be a great gift for your children or anyone who is interested in learning a new language !!

We made it with love! ?

âś… How Can I Have A Good Day? – Comment Puis-Je Passer Une Bonne JournĂ©e?

âś…Included French/English vocabulary list inside the book.

âś…It is a perfect book for children (or adults) learning English or French as their second language.

âś…Cheerful images and simple sentences that will encourage the newbie reader to keep reading and learning.


and please let me know in the comment below, how do you like it!

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