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Gonna Be Alright (Better Days Remix) by Aneessa

Aneessa is a French born singer and songwriter and forms part of a husband and wife songwriting and production team with legendary Motown producer Michael B. Sutton. His credits are quite astounding, include musical legends like Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross and Thelma Houston, amongst many more. Combining Michael’s expertise and experience with Aneessa’s dynamite lead vocals, they’ve quickly developed a sizeable fanbase through their material which combines elements of Motown and soul with modern pop.

This track, Gonna Be Alright (Better Days Remix), is a perfect showcase for this unique fusion of musical styles. Essentially, it’s a track that effortlessly melds 70’s funk and soul with a contemporary production sound and style. Built around a languid, funky, toe tapping groove and catchy yet soulful synth riff, Aneessa’s vibrant and distinctive vocals take centre stage once she enters the mix.

With a seductive vocal melody on the verse, the bridge and chorus feature rich, layered harmonies which further add sophistication to the arrangement, along with the stabs of punctuated brass. Lyrically, the song has an uplifting, positive message that resonates deeply in these troubled times: “I know better days are coming”. It’s a song also about having a strong faith: “When I feel like I’m falling apart, I’m praying, yes I’m praying….”. There’s a real poetic power to certain lines of the song: “I just don’t know what keeps me going, has my soul on fire, the winds of change keep blowing and lift me higher…”

Overall, this is an excellent remix of an already fine modern pop track. Fusing elements of Motown, 70’s funk and soul with a cutting edge production style, Aneessa proves herself a superb singer and forms a formidable team with her husband, Motown legend Michael B. Sutton.

With it’s numerous catchy hooks and radio friendly sound with wide ranging commercial appeal, this remix could become the track that elevates Aneessa to the upper echelons of the pop world.