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Santa Baby, Just to be with you, Saint Etienne and my jazzy remake of Back to life!

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Music review
. The French smooth jazz singer and songwriter Aneessa comes at the right time and with her absolutely classy version of the song Santa Baby gets in the mood for this contemplative beautiful time. Born in the center of France, this dynamic performer shows what she can do and wraps everything around her in a magical glow. Even if the video is already online, you will have to be patient for the time of the final single release of Santa Baby, because Santa Baby will be released on December 4th, the time has come and you will be Santa Baby by Aneessa available both as a download and on all common streaming portals.
Musically, Aneessa offers an absolutely brilliant new interpretation on Santa Baby , which spoils the listener with a classic smooth jazz sound. Warm basses and lovely piano sounds are driven by straight drums. String synthesizers inspire the soft and beautiful voice of Aneessa, who with her performance delivers a magical reinterpretation of the song which was originally interpreted by Joan Javits in the 1950s . Cover versions sometimes seem like cheap photocopies, but this one is really good! Not only did the magic and spell of the original remain, no that! french singer Aneessa manages to reinterpret this song with a magic that perfectly sets the mood for the magical Christmas season and gets into the ear canals with a musical perfectionism. Aneessa and her team play the song perfectly, there is nothing to complain about, but what should be mentioned is that the warm and lovingly detailed sound was perfectly captured and reproduced. Santa Baby receives a homage here, which is a perfect reinterpretation and perfectly conveys the magic of the original.
Conclusion 10 out of 10: Fantastic number for the contemplative time! Friends of Christmas music and especially jazz should definitely press play here, if they haven’t already.
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